So you've heard of lens mount adapters now from some bloggers, instructional videos and reviewers, and you've decided you want to try one out yourself. You know what lens you want to use on which camera and you've decided on Fotodiox for not only price but quality also. The question now is do you want to get a professional grade or consumer grade adapter, and whats the difference?

     The standard consumer adapter is a great deal for the price; it will fit the lens to the body and allow you to shoot as expected. They are made of a lighter industrial grade aluminum which will hold up fairly well over time, but are meant to be used occasionally. The spring mechanism that holds the lens tight to the adapter is a piece of split metal which may loosen up over time; this spring can be tightened back up, but over a couple years, eventually the metal might fail. Many of our customers who have only one or two main lenses they don't often switch out, use the standard adapters happily and for a number of years with no problems; they are good and you definitely get your moneys worth, but...


     The 'Pro' grade adapter is made of a higher quality and made to withstand the repeated abuse of professionals who will be mounting and unmounting the adapter frequently throughout the day of shooting. The adapter also has a better spring system in it, which mimics the camera mount; this spring is designed to hold the lens tight to the adapter for years with no adjusting. The machining process of the adapter itself is different and the pro adapters are made on a camera mount machine which allows for much tighter tolerances, a smoother finish and the ability to swap out multiple lenses without any reduction in functionality over time.


     So while both adapters are good, the pro adapter is better and made to withstand repeated abuse for years but is a little pricier. The choice will really depend on how much you would like to spend and how often you think you will be using the adapter so you can make sure to get your money’s worth out of it!