The adapter will fit the Camera EF Mount; however the adapter is very limited in the lenses that will fit. Most Arri/Zeiss/Red PL-Mount lenses will not work with the PL to EOS lens mount adapter. Due to the registration distance of modern PL lenses and the depth of the Canon EF mirror-box (even though the mirror less cameras do not have a mirror, it is based on the same dimensions), it is virtually impossible to get the modern PL lenses to focus properly without permanently modifying the EF mount housing.

The adapter will work on some older PL mount lenses that have a short rear optic (the piece behind the flange, see attached image and list of tested lenses below). If your PL lens has the longer rear optic, the only way to fit it to a Canon EOS EF mount is to permanently modify the camera body by removing the EF lens mount (there are a couple companies that can be found online to do this).

This adapter has been tested on:
    Canon 20-35mm  T4
    Ruby 14-24mm T2.8
    Duclos 11-16 mm
    Angenieux Optimo 15-40 mm T 2.6
    Angenieux Optimo 17-80 mm T 2.2
    Angenieux Optimo 28-70 mm
    Angenieux  Optimo 24-290 mm
    Angenieux 24-290 mm T 2.8
    Angenieux 17-102 mm T 2.9
    Angenieux 7-81 mm T 2.4 HR
    Angenieux 20-120 mm
    Canon 300 mm T 2.8
    Canon 400 mm T 2.8
    Canon 800 mm T 5.6
    Canon Century 200 mm T 2
    Cooke 18-100 mm T 3
    Nikkor 200 mm T 2
    Nikkor 300 mm T 2
    Nikkor 800 mm T 5.6
    Nikkor Micro 200 mm T 4
    Canon Century Optics S2000 150-600mm